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UNMs Call for Works


UNM is a festival for young sound artists, electronic artists, performance artists and composers based in or with connections to any of the Nordic countries. Since 1946, the festival has rotated between Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden, offering the oppurtunity to have their works presented or played by ensembles and meet other young composers and musicians.

Each year five independent national juries (i.e. one in every country) choose 35 composers for the festival, through an anonymous selection process. Seven composers from each country then meet at the festival, have their pieces performed and attend lectures or seminars with guest composers.

We’re now accepting applications for next year’s UNM Festival!
The festival will be held in REYKJAVIK, ICELAND 14-19th of August, 2017.
Any style, genre or medium is welcome. UNM is a fantastic opportunity to hear new sounds and meet and create connections with Nordic colleagues.

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