Call for scores

Stockholm-New York Call for sketches


Swedish-American Exchange

In October 2015, the New York City-based ensemble mise-en will pass through Stockholm, and we would like to use this occasion as a starting point for a new Swedish/American collaboration, with support from FST and Stims Promotionnämnd.

Swedish composers are invited to send sketches of short pieces for the visiting ensemble (see below). The ensemble will then choose six composers to work with during their stay in Stockholm.. October 23rd ensemble mise-en will have an open discussion/workshop in Stockholm, arranged by FST, where all interested Swedish composers are invited. This evening may end in a short concert. October 24th ensemble mise-en will workshop the six chosen pieces, together with the composers.

Fall 2016 (probably October/November), mise-en ensemble will premiere the finished pieces in New York. In connection to this, there may be meetings and events with other American composers and musicians. In November 2016, we hope to also have the pieces performed in the Sound of Stockholm festival. Given we will recieve sufficient funding, the project will cover travel and accomodation costs for chosen composers.

Call for sketches

  • Swedish composers are invited to send sketches for pieces for ensemble mise-en, see below for instrumentation.
  • Sketches may be newly composed or existing pieces, but they should not have been premiered by any ensemble.
  • No duration limit, but pieces should not be too long.
  • Send scores as PDF to , with subject line Stockholm-New York
  • Along with the piece, also state your name, email and expected duration of the sketch, as well as any other information about the piece.
  • If the piece demands electronics, sound files or other equipment, please specify this. In this case, composers are expected to supply all equipment, except simple PA.
  • No physical scores will be considered for this call.
  • Send scores as soon as possible but no later than August 17th.
  • Selected composers must be able to attend the events October 23-24. Composers living outside Stockholm may apply for travel support from FST.
  • Selected composers are also expected to supply parts (PDF) without extra cost.
  • The selection will be announced August 31st, Everyone applying will be notified of the selections.


mise-en ensemble

Instrumentation and possibilities

  • Flute - Piccolo, alto, bass, standard flute
  • Clarinet - Eb, Bb, A, Bass:
    Double clarinet (example/tutorial website coming soon)
    Clarinet with PVC extensions
    Prepared clarinet including mutes
  • Trombone – Alto, tenor and bass trombone
    Mute for alto : a straight mute, also some of the tenor mutes can work
    Mute for tenor : straight, cup, wa-wa, plunger, and bucket
    Mute for bass : straight, cup, wa-wa, and plunger
  • Violin – mute, practice mute and wooden mute
  • Contrabass - string extension
    Traditional tourte, metal & practice mute
    Electric bass (4 string) + various effect pedals
  • Piano
    Melodica is available : 3 octaves. F3 to F6
    Small percussion can be performed by the pianist: triangle, tambourine, claves, shakes, or any other small things to carry (i.e. selected crotale discs, etc.) Please ask us for a possibility.



Any questions about ensemble mise-en should be directed to manager Cheryl Krugel-Lee:

Any questions about the call should be sent to FST' kansli.