Call for scores

SPOR Festival Call for Proposals


SPOR invites composers and sound artists to submit a proposal for a new work to be realized at SPOR festival 2017, Aarhus (Denmark)




The proposal may describe a wide range of projects, from performative works and music theatre pieces to sound art installations.
In 2017 the festival will investigate in the ‘unseen connections’, focusing on the magic and mystery of our everyday life - when everyday life suddenly is heard, seen or experience in unusual frames or formats and/or when the private and the public are connected in new ways. 


The Call for Proposals is open to all types of composers and sound artists, from all over the world. You may only submit in one proposal.

The proposal must be realized by the artist and optional one additional assistant (performer, actor, musician..). The assistant can either be found locally in collaboration with the festival or is suggested by the artist. The assistant will receive a fee of €250.

Each selected artist/composer will receive a fee of € 1.000 in total for realizing the work.
Each selected artist/composer will be given the opportunity for one mentoring session with the composer Michael Beil.

SPOR will cover travel expenses of up to € 200 per person (max. 2 persons per proposals).
SPOR will provide accommodation up till one week (from 6.-15. May) in Aarhus, as agreed and arranged with the festival. 


An international jury will judge the proposals and choose five proposals to be realized at SPOR festival 2017. The jury members for Call for Proposals 2017 are:

Cathy van Eck (BE/NE, sound artist and composer)
Jacob Fabricius (DK,artisticdirector, KunsthalAarhus)
Daniel Ott (DE,composer,pianistandartisticdirector, MünchenerBiennale)
Louise Beck (DK,scenographerandartisticdirector, OperaNord)
Anna Berit Asp Christensen & Anne Marqvardsen (DK, festival directors, SPOR)

The jury’s decision is final and cannot be legally challenged. 


  • Type of works: Acoustic, electronic, electro-acoustic, sound installation (with or without visuals), sound piece, performance or music theatre.
  • Duration: For performance pieces max. 15 min. Sound installations will run through the whole festival.
  • Technical provision: 1 stereo sound-system (with a small mixer); 2 microphones.
  • Further technical equipment must be provided by the artist/composer.
  • Non-technical items such as costumes, scenery and materials for installations must be provided by the artist/composer.