Call for scores

Sine & Squares Festival 2016: Analogue Electronics and Modular Synthesis


18-20 November 2016 - Manchester, UK

Submission deadline: 1st June 2016

“Sines & Squares” seeks works for its second international festival on Analogue Electronics and Modular Synthesis, celebrating the recent resurgence of analogue and modular synthesizers. Details of the event and how to submit are shown below.
The Festival will include:

Concerts including live performances including fixed media works on the theme featuring the baby MANTIS System (large-scale sound diffusion system)
“Patchbay Sessions” with musical interludes (paper presentations and discussion proposals which are intercalated with short etude pieces.
Workshop/s to build Modular Electronics
Keynote speaker/s masterclass
Demonstrations on systems; e.g. Buchla, Serge, Eurorack, Hordijk and EMS, and also paper sessions
Modular Raffle (including systems and art work donated by sponsors and participants)
Call for works theme:
The main focus of the event will be on analogue and hardware synthesis but could include appropriate work realised with or referencing digital tools (for example Supercollider, game-engines, Reaktor, Max). The proposal should have a clear emphasis on synthesis, be innovative and unique.


1] Musical Works
Composers / Improvisers may submit one work in any the following categories:

Short live performance pieces involving modular synthesizers or similar systems
Works for fixed media with up to eight channels emphasising the event's themes
Audiovisual works emphasising the event's themes
Works for interactive media in live performance emphasising the event's themes. Modular Synthesis may be combined with game-audio / game engine technologies to mention but a few.
Duration: For this call we are looking for works/performances preferably under 12 minutes.
2] “Patchbay Session Proposals” (which include papers or discussion proposals).
“Patchbay Sessions” are informal paper and discussion presentations.
- We are looking for short abstracts / outlines on any area of Analogue Electronics and Modular Synthesis, including for example, performance, design, patching, aesthetics, gender, history, innovation, to name but a few.
'The format of the proposal is very open, as long as it fits within the given 20 minutes duration.

Submission Fee:
There is no submission fee for this call for works
Author/s of selected work must attend the festival should they had a piece or paper accepted.

We regret we are unable to pay for the costs of transport, accommodation, etc. for participants whose works were accepted. We regret we cannot provide performers for the accepted submissions.

Method: Accepted submissions via (or similar)
with cc/ to:
All submissions must also include the following form:

Download Submission FORM - or copy this link:

Music and Audiovisual Submissions: Music only in stereo wav, aif or flac format (e.g. 44.1 kHz /96 kHz/ 16 bit/24 bit). No MP3.
Multichannel submissions accepted but must also be accompanied with a stereo reduction.
Audiovisual submissions only on .mov  
Forms including links to online materials (Vimeo, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.) are also accepted (as long as they are accessible!)

Sines & Squares will provide the baby MANTIS System (minimum of 16 channel Genelec speakers) in the 350-seat Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall (Manchester) and a minimum of 4-channel system at the charming Islington Mill Studios, Salford. We also will provide video projection, mixing console, microphones, cabling and equipped room for the paper and discussion sessions and professional technical support. Composers / performers should bring all the necessary gear (e.g. modular synths, computers, sound cards, etc) to realise their works.

Sine & Squares Festival on Analogue Electronics and Modular Synthesis is organised by the NOVARS Research Centre, at The University of Manchester, UK and in liaison with Islington Mill Studios, Salford. Contact:
with cc/ to
The organisation reserves the right to modify the details and conditions of this form and call.
31 March 2016