“Key to the Future” – Opera Composition Competition


„…Composers of all countries! Create the radically new opera genre that combines the popularity of musicals with the highest aesthetic aspirations of classical music, thus reviving the spirit of Mozart, Verdi and Puccini!...”

The goal is creating a forum for and drawing attention to new "popular operas" conceived in the spirit of the Artistic Manifesto of Bartók Plus Opera Festival, that are capable of luring back large audiences to the opera house.

Any natural persons who are contemporary composers can submit their work to the competition, irrespective of their nationality, country of residence or age, with completed work not yet performed on stage with an orchestra. There are no restrictions concerning the topic, language and the length of the work. One composer can submit several works and several authors can submit one joint work.

Application deadline: 22nd August, 2018.

Works will be judged by a professional Jury consisting of 5 experts. The jury will select 3 or more of the submitted works for the finals, which ones will be performed in Hungary in partially staged versions with piano accompaniment in the fourth quarter of the year 2018. The jury will select the winning work from this pieces.

Each work shortlisted for the finals will be awarded 1500 EUR. The winning work will be awarded additional sum of 4000 EUR and will be fully staged complete opera performance at the Bartók Plus Opera Festival the following year. The best 3 operas will be published by the Italian publishing house Edizioni Sconfinarte.

The festival received dozens of operas from several countries in the past years, for example Eugenia Manolides’ La pisanella, Andrzej Karalow’s Kepler, Jan Jirásek's R.U.R., or the last winner, Szabolcs Mátyássy's Scaevola.

Following this link you can find all the informations and official documents: https://operafesztival.hu/index.php/en/news/1904-key-to-the-future-opera...


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