Bando Claxica Composition Contest


The Music Association “Ousia Armonica”, in joint-work with the municipality of Castel d’Aiano (BO) and Montese (MO) - Italy, announces and organizes the sixth international composition contest. This year the composition has to be dedicated to guitar and string quartet instead of the usual category for solo guitar.


· The contest is dedicated to a composition for classical guitar and string quartet (two violins, a viola, a cello), duration between 6 and 10 minutes.

· Compositions may have been already played but must be unpublished, never winning the first prize in others competitions and has to be realised for six strings guitar and string quartet.

· The contest is opened to participant both males and females, of every age and all nationalities.

· Composers who have already won the first prize in one of the past editions of the competition are not allowed to participate.

· Every concurrent can participate with more works.

· An audio file of the piece can be sent in attached, at the composer discretion (this option is facultative).

· No interaction with electroacoustic equipment or live electronics.


To enrol themselves, the contestants must send an envelope containing:

a) 6 (six) copies of the score without any reference mark that could permit the recognition of the author; every copy must be marked by a motto or a pseudonymous.

b) A close envelope on which there will be the same motto or pseudonymous that there is on the score.

This envelop must contain:

· Application for admission compiled and signed in every part;

· Signed declaration that the composition is unpublished;

· A recent photo of the composer, signed behind;

· Curriculum vitae

· Copy of the quittance of payment admission instalment