Residens utan deadline

Residens utan ansökningsdatum (löpande ansökan).

VICC (Visby International Centre for Composers)

VICC är en mötesplats för tonsättare från hela världen, där man kan bo och arbeta i perioder. FST‑medlemmar ansöker om vistelse vid VICC via detta ansökningsformulär.

Om du tilldelas en arbetsvistelse erhåller du alltid resebidrag från FST, maxbeloppet är 3 500 kr. Du behöver inte ansöka om detta utan kan bara skicka in kvitton/biljetter i efterhand till Dina Liberg ( på FST:s kansli, så utbetalas det till ditt konto.

Arbetsvistelse på VICC innefattar boende och tillgång till studio. För frågor om VICC-vistelser är du välkommen att kontakta Sten Melin, som är verksamhetsledare på VICC:

Konstnärshem Gammel Have

FST:s medlemmar erbjuds möjlighet att vistas och arbetar på ett konstnärshem i Danmark till ett förmånligt pris. I byn Sødinge vid Ringe på Midtfyn ligger huset Gammel Have, som är ett konstnärshus, där nordiska konstnärer kan få inspiration. 

Det är möjligt att ansöka om lediga perioder omedelbart, både för perioden fram till och med juni 2020 och från och med september 2020 och framåt. För ansökan och kriterier, se Ansökningar behandlas löpande och lediga/reserverade perioder tillkännages på deras webbplats.

Bridgeguard, Štúrovo, Slovakien

To support artists, scientists and personalities from other professions who work on projects which place emphasis on uniting, connecting, and bridging. The post of Bridge Guard requires a person in whose work boundaries of countries or eras are bridged, mental, social, religious or political boundaries are crossed, different scientific fields are connected, or various artistic media are utilized. The Bridge Guard works on topics such as integrating, bridging, connecting, uniting opposites, exploring and moving boundaries, encountering the unknown in others and within oneself. Of course, groups of artists or scientists may be suitable as Bridge Guards, provided they do not consist of more than two people.

Support consists of making possible a 3 to 6 months’ sojourn in the “Bridge Guard” residence in Štúrovo, Slovakia, with the right to work in complete freedom on one’s own project, and with only minimal duties. A residence is at the disposal of the Bridge Guard for his or her exclusive use. It contains a studio, a living and a bedroom and a room with the exhibition of works by the previous bridge guards. All rooms are simply furnished. A fully functional kitchenette and a bathroom are also available. Furthermore, he or she will receive a monthly contribution towards living costs of €350.

If you are interested in serving as Bridge Guard, you may apply at any time.

Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Irland

The Tyrone Guthrie Centre wecomes applications from writers, composers, musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, practitioners in the performing arts, theatre and dance and multimedia. The Composers Room at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre comprises of a bedroom plus a large composition room with grand piano. The composition room is a large area with great light coming in through the windows, showing the garden to the rear of the building.

Only artists with a proven track record in thier field of creativity may apply. Applications are considered on an ongoing basis and will be acknowledged on receipt. Applications go before a Selection Committee of the Board of the Centre, which meets quarterly. Successful applicants will be notified by letter usually within a few weeks of the Selection Committee’s decision. Groups may only apply by Post. If you are applying as a group then one person should make the application on behalf of the group.

ARTErra, Portugal

The ARTErra is a project hosting and encouraging interdisciplinary artistic creation trough artistic residencies, result of a private effort open to partnerships and communication with other entities. Set in a small countryside village of Portugal, it is a place with rural aspects and extremely quiet. The enjoyment and the inclusion of the community are the main goals of this project, so we develop proposals of activities that could contribute to these objectives, in the form of promote or co-produce performances, workshops, informal presentations of ongoing projects, etc.

The artist finds in ARTERRA a house with a series of facilities,and a creation of a yard, where there are several spaces for the creation and development of an artistic work, and the possibility of introduction of the developed to the public. n this space we will seek to provide artists and projects all the conditions for the development of the creative process. This space is intended for professionals from different artistic areas, groups or independent creators, Portuguese and foreign.
You can also receive exceptional training projects for the general public and for children

Aldeburgh Residency

Groups or individuals are generally funded for their accommodation, food and travel and will be expected to allow public access to the work that's being undertaken. This will often be in the form of an informal Open Session performance, but may also be a more formal invitation to participate in an upcoming Aldeburgh Festival or concert series. Although residency budgets are not normally able to provide for artist fees, extra funds may occasionally be available if this performance is likely to attract a significant paying audience. The residency programme is always oversubscribed. It is intended for the development of specific creative projects and therefore not meant simply to provide a funded rehearsal period. Our criteria for selecting residencies are:

  • It's a creative project which will really benefit from an Aldeburgh Residency. Risky is good.
  • It has at least some element which is new, whether in terms of music, collaborations or processes.
  • It involves musicians and artists whom we would like to experience the place, who will embrace the Aldeburgh ethos of performing, creating and sharing, and who are likely to contribute to other aspects of Aldeburgh Music's work either during the residency or in the future.

Conservatório de Música de Seia

Located in the heart of Serra da Estrela, in Seia, the residency consists in a very modest lodge and access to the studio located in Conservatório de Música de Seia - Collegium Musicum, supported by the Institute of Ethnomusicology (FCSH-UNL), integrated in the Festival Dias de Música Electroacústica.
The studio is equipped with an 8 channel system Mackie Thump TH-15A a with Pro Tools system. The residents often prefer to bring their laptops and interfaces. However, a computer with Pro Tools and an interface can be provided. The facilities are designed to offer a multi channel system, and not so much for recordings. However, recording equipment can also be provided. The access to the studio is limited to the schedule of Conservatório de Música de Seia - Collegium Musicum (usually from Monday to Saturday, 10 am - 7 pm, with exceptions).
The guests are usually invited to present their work to the community, either in concerts, conferences, masterclasses, installations or by other means that may be considered.

To apply, the artist should write a message to: and propose a project, requirements, proposed presentations to the community and proposed dates.

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