Call for scores

temp’ora call for projects


In order to promote recently composed music scores, temp’óra is issuing a call for projects, period 2016-2017. It is aimed at composers and ensembles (instrumental and/or vocal) involved mainly in contemporary music.

Applications form must be returned by 30 July 2015 
Results: 30 September 2015.

Directions for entries of projects to temp’óra (must be followed to be considered):

In the text below, the performing part of the project is called ensemble (from two performers), and may incorporate electroacoustics. The pieces may also be of improvisational character.

The project must consist of an exchange between three or four different countries. From these countries each ensemble will commission a piece from a composer of one of the other countries. The exchange is in form of a collaboration between these countries, so that each ensemble will play a programme, including the new commission, in the two or three other countries of the collaboration as well as other pieces by composers living in the other countries of the exchange. The programme may be performed in one concert or consist of a tour. This part of the project takes place between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2017.

The involved ensembles must be of approximately the same constitution, due to equality in each project.

temp’óra will pay a commission fee of €1500 for each granted commission. temp’óra will not pay or have any expenses connected with travelling, accommodation or payment for concert venues.

Special consideration will be given to projects which, in their programming, develop the artistic and conceptual idea of exchange between the world’s countries.

temp’óra will take on the following obligations for approved projects:

  • pay the commission fee at the day of the first performance of the pieces commissioned within the regulations above 
  • permit the created scores to be edited by Tempéraments, if that is the composers’ wish 
  • make the logistic arrangements for the exchanges possible 
  • help in finding diversified financial sources, country by country 
  • help in organizing the tour of each participant practically provide, if necessary, translation services (technical and/or artistic)

Each document will be studied on receipt of the membership fees for each ensemble or proposed composer for commission, according to the conditions specified on the web site of temp’óra (thumbnail ‘membership’). temp’óra membership is lifetime.

Each ensemble participating in a project must send its own documents individually. In addition, the composers must send a Curriculum Vitae and a short description of the piece they intend to compose for this project.

The selected participants agree to include the temp’óra logo on the supporting advertising dedicated to the artistic events related to the exchange.

The projects will be studied by members of temp’óra, without any casting vote. The selected projects will be announced on 30 September 2015 on the temp’óra website; their participants will be notified personally. A contract will be established between the project participants and temp’óra so that each party respects its commitment throughout the duration of each project.

Documents to be included in the application:

  • application form 
  • description of the project, established by each participant 
  • description by the selected composers of the piece they intend to compose 
  • bank receipt of temp’óra membership fees