OPEN CALL for Sweden-based sound artists - “Lofoten Sound Art Symposium”


This is an Open Call for contemporary artists with a relation to Sound Art, based in Sweden.
Application time is already in 2017, and the deadline for the applications for residency is 15 August 2017.

"The Lofoten Sound Art Symposium" will be organised in Svolvær, from August 30 to September 9, 2018. The symposium gathers some 20 Nordic artists, academics, producers and other practitioners from the broad and interdisciplinary field of sound art. The main organisers of the event are North Norwegian Art Centre, Artists’ Association MUU, Finland, and C-Y (ContemporarY), Sweden.

The 10 day event in Svolvær will include:
-short residency for 10 artists from Nordic countries
-networking meeting
-artist talks and presentations
-live performances
Lectures, artist talks and performances will be open to all audiences.

The organisers covers:
-travel costs
-accomodation (residency)
-per diem

The three main project collaborates MUU, C-Y (ContemporarY) and the North Norwegian Art Centre, all have a long track record of curating and producing sound art for festivals and exhibitions. All three organisations are run by artist and/or artist's associations, and they are geographically spread out in Fennoscandia: Malmø, Helsinki and Northern-Norway.

Taken together all these aspects creates the best possible starting point for a symposium where artists and professionals from the respective organisation's networks can be brought together to create new relationships and where knowledge and experience can be shared. With their slightly different history and point of focus, MUU, C-Y and NNKS together covers the field of sound art as practised both in the visual arts and music.

The symposium's thematics and activities will primarily be informed by the participating artist's practices. The call is open to all kind of artistic practices and fields of interests in sound art. However, taking place in the surroundings of the Lofoten islands and taking a cue from the practice of some of the most interesting recent and ongoing work in the field of sound art in the region of Northern Norway, you may also consider the unique nature of Lofoten when doing your application.

Link to application form HERE (

Lofoten Sound Art Symposium is part of the ongoing collaboration between organisers. Earlier joint sound art events have been: Nordic Soundscapes, Oulu, Finland, 18 -19 August 2016,, and Sound Disturbance – Hearing the Visual, Malmö, Sweden, 10 – 11 February 2017,

The North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS) is a regional centre for visual art, comprising the entire region of Northern Norway. The art centre's office, gallery and artist residency is located in Svolvær, Lofoten. NNKS carries out an extensive range of activities in the region, focusing on contemporary art and crafts. The art centre curates and produces projects and exhibitions in the region, support projects and regional initiatives in the field of visual art and runs an extensive educational programme all over Northern-Norway. The biannual Lofoten International Art Festival is part of NNKS's activities.  The event in North of Norway is curated by NNKS and nyMusikk Nordland.

C-Y (ContemporarY) is an artist run Swedish interdisciplinary association for and of people active in contemporary music and sound art in Malmö. C-Y was founded in 2007 and has since arranged some 150-200 music and arts events, released nine albums and commissioned a large number of new works. An important goal for the association is to instigate collaborations bewteen its members, and the hope is to find new artistic expressions. The majority of the events organized by C-Y is created by the members or in a high percentage involving its members.

Artists' Association MUU is a national arts organisation that represents and promotes new forms of fine arts in Finland, such as new media, video, light, sound, performance, community and environmental art. MUU promotes the professional identity, practice, training and networking of artists, and it also serves as a lobby organisation in cultural policy. Being a multidisciplinary organisation, MUU plays a significant role in art policy as a promoter of new areas in fine art. As of July 2017, MUU has 650 artist members.

Sound Art Bank is a new online database by MUU in Finland, which collects and archives professional Sound Art. At SAB you can listen to Sound Art, explore background information on the artists and their works. SAB also collects and shares information on current Sound Art Performances, Concerts and Sound Exhibitions.  As a way of helping artists, SAB has a web shop where high quality tracks and sound related items are easily distributed and sold. The works uploaded to SAB will be archived in the National Library of Finland.