Call for scores

OPEN CALL: Nordiska Musikdagar 2024, Skottland


Nordic Music Days is a festival presenting Nordic contemporary music and sound. The next edition of Nordic Music Days takes place in Glasgow from 30 October to 3 November 2024. The festival is a collaboration between Scotland and the Nordics, with the ambition to build long-lasting, sustainable partnerships between musical organisations, communities and creative individuals.

Nordic Music Days 2024 invites all composers and artists associated with Scotland and the Nordic countries to submit one work or proposal on the theme of Word of Mouth to one of the festival's six open call categories:

  • Orchestral works
    • Symphony orchestra (maximum size - - 3 perc - Timps - hp - pn - strings)
    • OR chamber orchestra (maximum size - - Timps - strings)
    • In-family doubling is possible (ie bass clarinet, wagner tuba, cornet)
    • For chamber orchestra could use natural horns/trumpets
    • Could also be with soloist
  • Small scale or solo works for ensembles or small groups
    • Maximum 6 musicians
    • Orchestration to be taken from: string quartet, wind quintet, and percussion (1 player), performers who work with electronic instruments
    • The work should not require a conductor
    • Can include electronics and/ or video
  • Installation works
  • Proposals for young, mixed ability players
  • Proposals for work presented outdoors, in nature
  • Proposals for creating work at a distance without travelling

2024 Theme: Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth invokes personal, informal and close contact; the passing on, movement and spreading of ideas, stories, knowledge and traditions. Through telling stories, facilitating conversations and moving people Nordic Music Days wants to explore past, present and future societal, cultural and linguistic connections between Scotland and the Nordic region; with attention to:

  • Language and dialogue: for example, from speech patterns and sounds, common words, local language and dialect through to the number of common descriptions that we all have for a rainy day. Visit the Scots Language Centre, Nordregio and Spikkin Scandinavian for inspiration about Scottish and Nordic languages and the links between them
  • Journey and translocation: how stories, traditions, music and people travel from one place to another, including oral traditions

Submission requirements:

  • You are welcome to submit one work or proposal to a maximum of one of the six call categories
  • Existing works must be from 30th October 2017 or later
  • Your submission must fit with the theme of the festival and the criteria for the category to which your work or proposal relates
  • Submissions should be in English