Call for scores

Open Call for junctQín keyboard collective


junctQín keyboard collective announces their first open call for works to be 
performed on their FIRSTS II concert on May 2015 at the Canadian Music Centre’s 
Chalmers House in Toronto, Canada.

Works will be selected through a blind jury process by the ensemble. The concert 
will be video and audio recorded, and copies will be provided to composers whose 
works are selected. There will also be workshops with chosen composers via Skype. 

Toronto-based junctQín (pronounced ‘junction’) consists of pianists Elaine Lau, 
Joseph Ferretti, and Stephanie Chua. The name of the collective is taken from 
junctio – the Latin word meaning to join, and from Qín – the Chinese character for 
keyboard instrument. Self-proclaimed “keyboard geeks,” the members of junctQín 
consider the group a vehicle to introduce audiences to contemporary keyboard 
repertoire. Through collaborations with living composers, innovative programming, 
interactive performances and outreach programs, junctQín’s goal is to present new 
music with one of the most accessible instruments – the piano. 


Winners will be chosen according to the following categories:
• Minimum of one composer from the Greater Toronto Area
• Minimum of one Canadian composer
• Minimum of one non-Canadian composer


• Deadline: December 5, 2014 at 11:59pm EST.
• Any work under 20 minutes in length can be submitted. Timing of pieces for 
the overall concert program will be considered in the final decision.

• Works can be written for any combination of instruments in the ensemble’s 
collection, and can include solo or duo works, as well as works for three 
pianists. Instruments include: piano, toy pianos, and melodicas. Fixed 
electronics can be included (the performance facility includes stereo playback 
capabilities). All three pianists can be at one piano if desired. Please note 
that we are not accepting works for two grand pianos for this call.
 1/2• Instrument Specifics:
Toy pianos ranges: 
• Two 37-key Schoenhut Concert Baby Grands: F below middle 
C up to F 3 octaves higher 
• One “Fancy Baby Grand” Schoenhut 30 keys: C one octave 
below middle C, and up to F above high C. 
Melodica range: 
• Three 37 keys: F below middle C up to F 3 octaves higher 
(exactly the same as the Concert Baby Grand)
Specs for crossbars of the grand piano at the CMC:
• Crossbars are between A2 and B2-flat, between C5 and C5-sharp; and 
also between F6-sharp and G6
Auxiliary instruments:
• Chosen composers must provide unconventional instruments if they 
are needed 

How to Submit:
Send submissions via e-mail (or Dropbox for larger files) to the Selections 
Facilitator, Matthew Fava:
Please include:
• Score in PDF format 
• Contact information for the Selections Facilitator to track and manage 
the submissions
• Sound file (either live recording or MIDI rendering, mp3 format)*
• Short program note or objectives (max 100 words, PDF format)*
Please do not put your name the score itself, or within the file name. A 
number will be assigned to each submission, which will be tracked by the 
Selections Facilitator.