Call for scores

Nordic Music Days 2021 in Iceland: Call for Works


Nordic Music Days Iceland seek to explore the impact of arts on current social and political affairs. Should music be obliged to influence aspects of society? Double rainbow!


Only works by artists from or living in the Nordic region are accepted. One proposal per artist is allowed. Submissions are only allowed directly into the NMD database.

  1. If you are already registered in the submission database from last years’ NMD, please login with your username and password. Otherwise, create a user account and submit composer information.
  2. Submit artist information 
  3. Submit idea proposal information 
  4. Add a 120-word description 
  5. Upload the score or detailed info as a PDF file as well as sound/video excerpts. 

Recordings (audio/video, from performances or midi) are required. Links and other documentation can be added. Works may not be older than 7 years. 

We would like to feature new works premiered at the festival, but please note that we can not pay a commission fee for that idea. If you propose a new idea not made or composed yet, please add a live recording or a released piece of your own former work assembling your idea. 

We are open to submissions for the ensembles listed here below as well as other media forms, composer/performer, electro-acoustic works.