New Directions, Piteå


New Directions has been set up to act as a central creative point merging music, education, technology and research in a partnership which involves Norrbottensmusiken and the Luleå university of technology/KKL and Studio Acusticum. This comes as an initiative launched by Norrbottensmusiken/Norrbotten County Council and the Piteå municipality, aided by development funding from the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs.

This unique set of conditions provides for a richly creative environment in which music can grow and flourish. Collaborations between the different disciplines involved are welcomed and encouraged, offering opportunities for cross-fertilisation between the different artistic media. The centre is envisaged as an international platform for music creators, musicians, students, researchers and like-minded artistic spirits. At its disposal are the latest advances in sound and acoustic research and one of the world’s most advanced state-of-the-art concert halls.The access that the public will enjoy from the centre’s performance activities will be the best imaginable: there are several modern concert rooms featuring the latest technology, as well as facilities for transmitting live national and international broadcasts via a direct link from the Acusticum area (Digital Live Arena).