Junctions Music Worxhop

2017-09-29 to 2017-10-01

Junctions Music Worxhop is a tool for establishing new Nordic-British musical networks through artistic collaboration. During Nordic Music Days 2017 at Southbank Centre in London, up to 60 professional music practitioners – composers, musicians, sound artists and similar – will do short and intense artistic collaborations, emerging in new professional Nordic-British musical networks.


  • The workshop is open to professional composers, musicians, soundartists and/or similar residing in or coming from Great Britain or one of the Nordic Countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Faroe island, Greenland, Åland).


  • 20 professional music practitioners – composers, musicians, sound artists – in each workshop.
  • Same workshop three days, with different people.
  • If there is room, it will be possible to join more than one workshop.
  • All activities will be public.
  • All contact details will be shared with the other workshop participants.


  • Concept/Mission/Theme/Rules (10 min)
  • Groups of 4: 2 British+2 Nordic, ideally 2 composers, 2 musicians (5 min)
  • Create & rehearse a new piece in collaboration (60 min)
  • 5 groups perform 5 pieces à 3 min (20 min)
  • Short follow-up discussion, 5 pieces à 2 min (10 min)


  • Groups that have taken part of the Junctions Music Workshop can apply for participation in a concert in Helsingborg, Sweden, April 14th 2018.
  • All groups for this occasion must have both British and Nordic members.
  • Musik i Syd pays for travels, hotels and per diem for a limited number of people.


  • Martin Q Larsson