Call for scores

GENERATE! - call for entries


GENERATE! consists of workshops, an exhibition, and an extensive performance program. It is possible to put forward proposals for all three sections. Called for are submissions from all areas of art. They should correspond or relate to the outlined topic above.

The submission is possible via our online form.

Deadline is September 5th, 2015, 10 am


Possible suggestions are:

Interrelations of technology, science, and art 
Contributions in the area of artistic research 
Technology, science, and art in context with society and social spheres 
Questions about the significance of art and aesthetics in the sciences and humanities, also vice versa
Discussion of digital technologies, as a topic but also a means of art 
Discussion of the status/meaning/significance of digital technologies and scientific research for life and everyday situations. This also concerns changes of communication and perception
We are especially looking forward to works that use media and technologies in an unorthodox, original, and alienated way
This can include: generative art, parametric sculptures, kinetic objects, interfaces, visualization of data, sonifications, robotics, augmented and virtual reality projects, and projection of mapped architecture and sculptures, but also the classical fields of media and video art 
We welcome proposals for light installations (2015 is the UN’s International Year of Light and light based technologies ), subversive games developments, projects and interventions in public space, and internet based art etc.
Also possible are proposals for workshops, presentations, experimental music, and works created on site, for example connected to a workshop.


The submitted works are the basis for creating audio guides/podcasts for visitors. We are looking forward to submissions of suitable material (can be recorded by us or independently). Furthermore, there will be interviews with artists prior to the festival. It is planned to offer guided tours with artists on all three days of the festival. Please indicate in the submission form if you are interested in these options.


We are happy to consider special preferences and wishes concerning documentation and publication.


Terms and conditions of the submission and exhibition:
The submission is possible via our online form, stating the usual information (description, concept, sketch, photos, drawings, short bio etc.)
If you cannot avoid to make your submission via post, and if you wish a return delivery, please attach an addressed and prepaid envelope
We do not charge neither application nor participation fees
There will be a limited budget for travel and accommodation expenses and costs for material (individual arrangements)
Works and equipment may be insured for the duration of the festival/the exhibition. We need a detailed list of the objects to be insured
Accommodation will be provided during the installation and the festival, specifications in the submission form

Technical equipment, if possible, you should bring on your own. Basic infrastructure exists. We try to organize missing equipment (individual arrangements)
Since we do not have large storage facilities and we will be hosting other events, please dismantle and collect the works shortly after the festival. Individual arrangements can be made
Works sent back to you should be delivered/sent with appropriate packing material
The submission serves as consent that the selected works, accompanying material, and consequential documentation may be used for publications by GENERATE!
If you want to offer your work for sale, please indicate in the submission form. In case of sale in context with GENERATE!, we reserve a provision of 20% of the gross selling price


Timeline:Festival: October 16th to 18th, 2015
Workshops in preparation of the festival may begin up to a month before.
Deadline is September 5th, 2015, 10 am
The jury meets on September 5, 2015 (The jury consists of members of the organization and external jurors who will be announced after the session.)
The participants will be notified and announced until September 13, 2015
Installation and setup starts October 5th, 2015 (earliest date) and should be finished until October 14th, 2015
Pickup/dismantling starts October 19th, 2015. Special arrangements can be made individually
The Shedhalle can be visited during the regular opening hours of exhibitions and events, or upon consultation. Pictures and and a layout plan can be found in the links below:
online form