The Masterclass is aimed at young composers willing to improve their abilities with an intensive study of modern composition techniques and analysis of the more representative works of modern music, as well as with the creation of new works that will be performed during the masterclass by Ascanio Quartet ( www.quartettoascanio.com ). The students will also have the opportunity to write a small work for orchestra (43 elements) the best of which will be played in the final concert of 2014 Florence Conducting Masterclass by Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina, September the 6th 2014.

Teacher M° Andrea Portera (web: www.andreaportera.com )
Ensemble in residence: Ascanio String Quartet; Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina
Period from 1 until 6 September 2014
Location Villa Castiglione, via di Colle Ramole, 20
50014 Impruneta (Firenze) – Italy

Art. 1 - Course structure
The course is articulated in 5 sections:
1) individual lesson about the compositions of the students;
2) seminar about form, frequency, timbre;
3) contemporary chamber and orchestral repertoire analysis: listening of recordings and live excerps and reading of the scores;
4) orchestration, instrumental technique from the second half of XX Century until today with examples;
5) creation of a new work for chamber ensemble to be played in the final concert.
All the scores created during the masterclass will be played in the final concert; the students will also have the opportunity to present a work for orchestra (duration about 5 minutes, orchestra of 43 instrumentalists: timpani: str The best scores presented - selected by the teacher - will be studied during the masterclass and played by Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina in September the 6th 2013 during the final concert of Florence Conducting Materclass.

Art. 2 - Course fees
The course is opened to active student and to auditors as well:
Inscription fee euro 50,00
Active student fee euro 300,00
Auditors fee euro 100,00
Students of the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole and Artes Association properly enrolled in 2014/2015 academic year have right to a reduction of € 50,00 on the course fee.

Art. 3- Timetable / Orari
Monday 1 10.00 -13.00: registration
13.00 -14.00: lunch break
15.00 -19.00: lessons
from Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 10.00 -13.00: lessons
13.00 -14.00: lunch break
15.00 -19.00: lessons
Saturday 6 : general rehearsal and final concert