conDiT 2014 International Call for Composers. Works and Residence


The creation platform conDIT @ cheLA opens the international call for works, projects and residencies for composers and sound artists of any age to join the program in 2014.

1. Electroacoustic or acousmatic piece for octophonic sound system (8.1)
[Denis Smalley, Jonty Harrison, JRS Valdez, juries]

2. two male voices: tenor and baritone with electronic composition for 2-8 channels
Nonsense Vocal Soloists
[DL, April 1, 2014]

3. Compositions for 2 percussionists with or without extended media (objects, video, electronic),
Bruno Lo Bianco, Sebastian Pereyra duet,
[DL, April 1, 2014]

4. Composition for 9-12 instruments ensemble to be performed by EMC/Damus [Arg]
(Flute / Flute in G / Bass Flute / Piccolo, Oboe / English Horn, Clarinet, Saxophone Piccolo / Alto / Tenor / Baritone, Trumpet C / Bb, Piano, Percussion [bass drum, Vibraphone, 3 toms, accessories], Harp, 2 Violins, 1 Viola,1 Cello, 1 Double Bass.)
[DL, May 1, 2014]

5.. Work for Videomusic
To be composed by a single composer (composer-videographer) or a duet (+ video artist composer) for 2-4 instruments to choose between flute, violin, violoncello and piano. The information about content, assembly, drawings, color values and morphological parameters of the video must be integrated into the score as if it was an instrument. Two modes are defined (more info below) [Gabriel Rud, conDiT, juries]
[DL, May 1st, 2014]

6 . Composition for 5-7 instruments to be performed by the ensemble TROPI [Arg]

Flute/Flute in G/Piccolo, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, Guitar/Electric Guitar (multi effects pedal, volume pedal and expression/Banjo/Ukelele, Percussion: xylophone, glockenspiel,bass drum, gong, cymbals (crashes, rides, splash, hihat, suspended cymbals), toms, drums, bass drum, congas, bongos, timbaletas, Peruvian box, legüero hype and accessories (bells, templeblocks, woodblocks, vibraslap, shakers, guiro, tambourines, triangles, castanets).
Mimimum length of eight (8) minutes
[DL, May 1st, 2014]

Works by composers of any nationality will be accepted. No age limit.
The compositions can be unpublished, premiered or to be released. It should be free from copyright or editor contracts at the closing date of this call. One (1) single work per each category of the call will be chosen.

The prize is AR $ 3000 (three thousand pesos) for each call or selected work. The premiere of the work will be according to the terms of each category