Max/MSP Workshop, Charlotte, NC, USA

Intense workshop for musicians, composers, artists, interface designers, and people from various backgrounds that want to improve their Max/MSP skills or learn from the start.

In this program, we will be using Max 6 (can use the free 30-day trial) and will offer lectures, demos, hands-on lab time with instructors Ron Parks, Charles Nichols, David Schneider, and other teachers experienced in computer music and Max/MSP.






Lab sessions (students receive class & one-on-one attention from instructors and assistants).  All students, no matter their skill level, are encouraged to attend all of the sessions throughout the day.
Lectures from guests
Open floor to see what fellow students have been using Max/MSP for



Participants must bring their own laptop with Max/MSP 6 already installed and functioning (Mac OSX or Windows XP/7/8).
It is strongly suggested that you go through the Max/MSP tutorials before the workshop.


Sloan Morgan Building of CPCC Central Campus, 1201 Elizabeth Ave  Charlotte, NC 28235.