Atelier Hotel Pro Forma, Köpenhamn


Atelier Hotel Pro Forma is now offering a unique opportunity for professional artists with suitable projects. We are looking for two Nordic and Baltic artists for Fall 2014, only artists from these regions can apply the fall period. For the period of Spring 2015 the call is open for all international artists who wish to apply for the two available residencies. 

Applicants must submit a concrete project proposal to develop during their residency.Chosen applicants will be able to develop their projects for 6 -12 weeks at Atelier Hotel Pro Forma in Copenhagen. Depending on the artist or project, the project may be produced as an Atelier Hotel Pro Forma production during the residency. Artists-in-Residence will also participate in producing work(s) to our monthly exhibit at the Atelier, either presenting works-in-progress or completed works.

During their stay, artists will work together with Hotel Pro Forma’s international network of artists, organisation, interns and technical staff in order to develop their project. They will also work closely with our interns to develop works for our monthly exhibitions. The completion of the residency will end in a form of public viewing, either as a work-in-progress or as a completed work.

Artists who apply must be professional and have documented experience in developing interdisciplinary work. Projects which have the possibility of creating new forms of collaboration across existing art forms will be given priority.