Call for scores

Spor Festival Call for proposals


SPOR festival for contemporary music and sound art invites composers and sound 
artists to submit a proposal for a new work to be realized at SPOR 2015, Aarhus, DK.
The proposal may describe a wide range of projects, from works for ensemble and music theatre pieces to sound
art installations. 
In 2015 the festival will focus on practices within music theatre and opera, how we create and present works 
keeping the history and tradition present but updated to the world of today. Opera and music theatre has a very 
strong tradition for retaining an authentic and historically based performance practice when speaking of the 
music - it is allowed to interfere with some elements (like updating scenography, characters, the history etc.), but 
the music itself and the score is often understood as sacred! 
SPOR festival 2015 will bring this fact to discussion and shows the exuberant development that happens in music 
theatre and opera these years. We therefore ask for spectacular proposals that reflect or question these 
The submitted proposal should reflect the theme of the festival, handle it either concrete or 
more abstract.
The Call for Proposals is open to all types of composers and sound artists, from all over the world. You may only 
submit in one proposal. An international jury will judge the proposals and choose five proposals to be realized at 
SPOR 2015. Each selected composer/artist/group of artists will receive a fee of € 1.000 for realizing the work. 
SPOR will cover travel expenses of up to € 200 and provide two night’s accommodation in Aarhus, Denmark.
The jury members for Call for Proposals 2015 are: 
Francois Sarhan (FR, composer)
Line Tjørnhøj (DK, composer)
Rainer Nonnenmann (DE, writer, editor and musicologist) 
Erik Dæhlin (NO, performer Call ensemble)
Yannis Kyriakides (CY, composer and sound artist)
Anna Berit Asp Christensen & Anne Marqvardsen (DK, festival directors, SPOR)
The jury’s decision is final and cannot be legally challenged. 
• Type of works: Acoustic, electronic, electro-acoustic, sound installation, ensemble piece, solo 
performance, music theatre.
• Duration: For ensemble pieces and performances max. 15 min. Sound installations will run through the 
whole festival.
• Ensemble/instruments available:
o NING ensemble: Erik Dæhlin (percussion) & Amund Sjølie Sveen (percussion) with Silje Aker 
Johnsen (vocal, contemporary dance)
o NING ensemble works with the physical, theatrical and visual aspects of musical 
performance. Both percussionists work as musicians, performers, composers, stage managers 
and installation artists. The ensemble wish to create up-to-date contemporary art at the 
intersection of music and performance; musical, physical and conceptual moments in the gap 
between the poetic and the discursive, both within and outside of the stage. A central theme in the work of the ensemble is how music and the role of the musician exist in an interdisciplinary 
work. In this process NING has collaborated with a number of other artists among these are 
vocalist Silje Aker Johnsen. Silje Johnsen has a strong focus on contemporary vocal music, as 
well as the baroque and classical coloratura repertory. She feels equally at home in extended 
vocal techniques as in classical singing. Her scenic experience is versatile, ranging from opera 
roles and concerts, to theatre, performance, improvisation as well as contemporary dance.
Examples of their performances can be seen here:
o Contact: Erik Dæhlin,
o More info:;
• Technical provision: 1 projector + screen; 1 stereo sound-system (with a small mixer); 4 microphones.
• Further instrumentalists, performers or technical equipment must be provided by the artist/composer.
• Non-technical items such as costumes, scenery and materials for installations must be provided by the 
• Concert and staged works will be presented at one of the main venues of the festival.
• Installations can be presented at various venues in Aarhus (indoor/outdoor), agreed with the festival. 
• Fill out the PDF-form with your personal info, a short description of your proposal and links to 2-3 sound 
or video files that represent your work from the last 5 years. (download the form here:
• Maximum 2 pages of text as PDF describing one work that you wish to create and realize at the SPOR 
festival 2015 + link to streaming of video and/or sound file sketches (optional).
Please name the file “Proposal_text” 
• CV. Please name the file “CV”.
• Accompanying scores in PDF format are also welcome but optional.
1. Nov. 2014: Deadline for sending in proposals.
Primo January 2015: The 5 chosen proposals will be announced in the SPOR newsletter and on 
social media platforms.
1. March 2015: Deadline for delivering scores, parts and technical riders.
7.-10. May 2015: Performance/presentation at SPOR 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark.
SPOR festival
SPOR is not able to consider proposals that do not conform to the guidelines outlined above. 
Furthermore, the jury/SPOR reserves the right to choose less than 5 proposals.