Call for scores



The Call is open to projects deriving from the fields of Music, Sound Art, Architecture, Science and Technology. We welcome individual or team projects from all around the globe. The open call invites projects that examine the relationship between sound and space. Projects should highlight emerging connections between sound art and architecture in a dynamic way th​rough a variety of media. The call is not drawing limits to the conceptual direction of the projects to be submitted, but rather encourages the artists/architects/scientists etc​ to submit work that is derived from a variety of concepts as long as the relationship between architecture and sound art is clearly addressed. Architecture, in this open call, is not linked merely to built space but it is rather understood in the greater expansion of its practice.

​The projects should have a strong conceptual basis and an artistic ​​excellence in their execution.
With this call, we intend to gather projects that through sound, question our perception of space, materiality and body location.


Audio (digital format)
Video (digital format)
Images (digital format)

​Participants submitting physical projects (ex. Installations, scaled models, interactive devices etc) should note that all travel expenses should be covered by the participant.


Submissions will be accepted no later than 8th February 2015 [24:00h,GTM +2]

Please follow the guidelines below for a successful submission.

We accept only web links where the submitted projects are uploaded (vimeo, youtube, links to personal websites etc.) and not digital files ​​sen​t by email. In case the link is password protected for private viewing please send us the password so as to view/listen your work. Please note that the acceptable duration of a video or audio track is 1 minute, so please select to upload a teaser and not the entire project.

Documents to be send by email at both email accounts
(1) and (2)

1.Completed submission form (please download the pdf form from here)

2.Descriptive document of the project (should not exceed the 400words), list of the web links where the projects are uploaded, plus the technical description of the project, indicating the requirements for it’s presentation – document in pdf format
3.Bio (short cv of the artist / s – all cv’s should have a paragraph format not exceeding 150words with links to previous works. (pdf or online link))​

Important notes:

Travel and accommodation costs are covered by participants themselves (​in case they desire to attend the festival​)
Daily pass for all events will be provided to the selected exhibition participants.