Interdisciplinary laboratory on site-specific art, Skomvær Lighthouse, Lofoten


In August, we are gathering a group of artists and theoreticians at Skomvær Lighthouse for a 14-day interdisciplinary laboratory on site-specific art in nature. During the 14 days the group will experiment with inventing and building large to small scale musical instruments (3 days led by Johannes Bergmark (SE)), we will share our skills and resources, and create installations and venues that all somehow work as musical instruments. We will reorganize, compose, choreograph and play, with sustainable ideas and conscious presence in nature as a theme on all levels: with equal weight to culture and nature, environmental politics and aesthetics

Skomvær is a very small island at the tip of Lofoten, and it is home to Røst AIR (Artists-In-Residence): https://www.facebook.com/Rostartistinresidency

Available materials are the lighthouse, the history of the island, obsolete tools, the ocean, seaweed , rocks and cliffs, the meadow, the garden, fishing, garbage floating ashore, treasures floating ashore, our bodies, and each participant's skills and resources.

We announce the project and encourage professional artists and theorists with an interest in the subject matter to apply. We are looking for: scenographers / installation artist, choreographers, composers, musicians and dancers, philosophers, filmmakers, environmental activists, writers, photographers. Anyone with an interest in the project is welcome to apply. We envision an international group.
Interest in collaboration and improvisation, curiosity, some sense of musical form, and a willingness and drive towards opening up to new ideas and forms are advantages.


2 travel days
3-day workshop with Johannes Bergmark (SE)
7-day laboratory
2 travel days

2-DAY PRE-EVENT (estimated travel time):
is encouraged to travel green. This will mean several days of traveling by bus, train, ferry, rowboat and fishing boat. You will be given a travel score before departure and the documented experiences will be used later in the workshop.


3-DAY WORKSHOP led by Johannes Bergmark:
We start by listening, slowing down, moving into a common frequency. Johannes leads us into a meditative treasure hunt: we explore the island looking for objects that we can transform into musical instruments.
Johannes is a highly playful experimental artist, composer, musician and performer. He is an inventor with long and thorough experience in building / creating / transforming all imaginable and unimaginable objects into musical instruments.

7-DAY LAB: We create installations and venues that all work as musical instruments:

This week the group will wander, explore, rumble and transform. This island is so small amidst the spectacular northern Norwegian land and sea. Our body’s presence in the land/soundscape: movement, breath, voice; rock, water, seaweed, herbs, heather, metal, wall, tools, a harmonium, the lighthouse. How can we respond? We create installations and venues that all work as musical instruments; miniatures to large scale. We set aside time to discuss and reflect, write and compose. Each participant is encouraged to take a turn leading the group. That way everyone’s methods and interests will get space. We don’t know exactly where this will lead us, but the defined elements are; venues / installations, self-built instruments, compositions, choreography, text and illustrations. This is a process- oriented laboratory, but we aim for inviting an audience to one or multiple performances / events / happenings during the ten days we work on the island.

2-DAY POST EVENT (estimated travel time):
On the way home, the work continues. You’ll get a new score for reflection on the journey home. Back home, the materials will be collected and the website updated.



We wish to do this as cheaply as possible, so anybody can join. The prize within the brackets is an option for those who really need it.

The fee covers lodging, food and the workshop.

Application: Please submit an application with:
- Contact information
- A short text about yourself and your relevant experience
- Your motivation for joining and how you’d like to contribute.

Questions sent to the same email address.