Call for scores

ShareMusic & Performing Arts Call for Composer


We are looking for a composer who would like to be part of our artistic team in a collaboration between ShareMusic & Performing Arts, Swedish director Karin Styvers, NCA Small Theater and the National Centre of Aesthetics in Yerevan, Armenia. Central to this project is the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child explored through theatre, dance, puppetry and music.

Your role as composer

As the composer in this project, you will be responsible for creating the music in a collaborative composition process. The artistic team will include director Karin Styvers alongside a choreographer, a puppet maker and set designer, and a lighting designer. 

The composer will need to allocate approximately 10–15 days in Sweden and/or Armenia for workshops, meetings and rehearsals.

The ensemble

The core of the project is to create a new piece for an inclusive ensemble. The aim is to produce a Swedish-Armenian performance for children, staged in both countries. 

The music ensemble will consist of 3–6 disabled and non-disabled musicians who will be using devices and/or instruments within the field of music technology. The music should be possible to perform live or prerecorded. Approximate duration of the performance is estimated to be 30 min.

Time schedule 

  • Planning autumn/winter 2020–2021
  • Workshops spring 2021 
  • Premiere late autumn 2021/spring 2022