Diabelli contest


The Diabelli Contest will change its theme on a annual basis and invite composers from around the world, to create their very own variations. The compositions are then to be published online, on a specified date, and reviewed by the viewers. The Top-10 compositions will then be performed in concert and a jury will select 3 winners, which are presented with cash prizes.

There are numerous composers worldwide, who continue mostly out of pure, creative idealism. Only a select few have the privilege and enjoyment of their music being performed by others, let alone, achieve recognition . This is not necessarily due to differences in talents or abilities, but often the fact that composers are unable to market themselves.

This contest offers a competition, which provides a general public, for composers from all walks of life . A competition only makes sense if a relatively good and comprehensible comparability exist. Therefore, each participating composer will be given the task to create a composition based on a common theme. The theme can be a melody , a rhythm, but also a pictorial or contemporary art.

The top 10 composers will be invited to Munich, Germany for a Concert Weekend (travel and accomodations are included).

Prize money: in the final event, the winners are determined by a Jury.

1. Place: 5000 Euros
2. Place: 3000 Euros
3. Place: 2000 Euros

Audience Award

The Künstlerhaus Associations "Goldene Kentaur"