Call for scores

Call for Works – NY City Electroacoustic Music Festival


The New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival solicits works for its Festival in June, 2015. The festival will take place at theAbrons Arts Center, and other locations throughout New York City. Details of the festival are shown below.

Call for Works

Composers may submit works in any the following categories:

  • Works for recorded media alone with up to eight channels
  • Works involving live electronics, including computer processing and laptop orchestras
  • Works combining musical instruments or voices with recorded media or live electronics
  • Video and multimedia works
  • Installations involving music or video

* Entry fee: none

* Individuals may submit one or two works, provided that the second submission is five minutes or less. Individuals may also submit an installation or a proposal for a curated concert.

* Works in progress will be considered if a substantial part of the work is complete. In any case, the duration stated in your application cannot be exceeded. Works of any length may be submitted, but only a limited number of works longer than 15 minutes will be accepted.

* Composers whose works are accepted will have to pay a registration fee of approximately $150, which will entitle them to free admission to all events at the Festival. Attendance is not required, but even if the composers do not attend, the fee must still be paid.

* Works involving instrumentalists where the composer is unable to provide the player will be accepted provisionally, subject to our ability to find a performer.

* NYCEMF will provide in each performance space a mixing console, speaker system, microphones, cables, and a computer and audio interface for the playback of fixed media audio/video. Composers of interactive works will be responsible for providing their own computer, audio interface, and any specialized peripherals.

* Works of any length may be submitted, but only a limited number of works longer than 15 minutes will be accepted.

* Incomplete or preliminary versions of works may be submitted, but accepted works cannot exceed the duration indicated at the time of submission, and the final versions cannot be substantially different from the versions submitted. Stereo versions of multichannel works must be submitted.

* Submission of media files may be done in one of the following ways:

Submit the media online with your application.

For large media files, send the files via a delivery service such as Hightail or WeTransfer, along with a PDF copy of the submission form (saved after completion online), to the email address

For files greater than 2 GB, you may mail the media, along with a printed copy of the submission form (printed after completion online), to:

c/o Prof. Hubert Howe
Aaron Copland School of Music
Queens College
Queens, NY 11367

Materials will not be returned.

3D Spatialization Lab

A special room will be equipped with an array of 16 speakers, 8 in the usual surround sound configuration and 8 at a higher level, allowing sound to be spatialized in three dimensions. The audience will be seated in the center of the space. We solicit works that will take advantage of these resources, and we encourage works that use the full 16-channel capability as well as octaphonic works. We will allow composers whose works are played in this space additional tech time to plan their diffusions. Only multi-channel electroacoustic works will be played in this space, not works involving musical instruments or video.


Featured performer: Gianni Trovalusci, flute
Gianni Trovalusci will play several works of electroacoustic music with flute.

Other featured performers:

Mari Kimura, violin
Esther Lamneck, clarinet/ tárogató
Madeleine Shapiro, cello

These performers will be available at the festival, although they will not present an entire program. Works are solicited that feature these instruments.

Individual Presentations

In addition to musical works, we will also consider individual presentations that may consist of many different kinds of activities such as paper and piece presentations, “musicological” discussions of electroacoustic musical issues, analyses of compositions of historical importance including electroacoustic music “classics,” papers, or other ideas.


The Abrons Arts Center includes several galleries that will be suitable for audio and video installations in larger spaces than are usually available for festivals of this kind, including a large outdoor amphitheater. We encourage site-specific proposals to take advantage of these resources.

Call for Curated Concerts

Proposals are also invited for the presentation of an entire concert, not to exceed 52 minutes in duration of music. These concerts represent an opportunity for someone to put together an entire concert consisting of works of their choice. The concert should be organized around a theme or idea, and they may include works of historical importance as well as more recent works. A performer may also propose a concert that he or she will play. The only limitation is that no more than one work by an individual composer may be included. The registration fee for these concerts will be higher than for individual submissions.