Registration: Young People, Composing and Contemporary Music

The world famous contemporary classical festival Nordic Music Days will, for the first time ever, land on UK shores and Southbank Centre in London and it’s being arranged by Sweden and the Swedish society of composers (FST). Alongside the concert program we offer a conference with seminars and workshops with focus on children, young people and contemporary music.

Our goal with the conference is to enhance the knowledge in how to work with children, young people and contemporary music, and also to create a network for people in the Nordic countries and the UK working with this topic. We have invited lectures and musicians from the UK with experience from working with young people and music, to hold seminars and workshops – and now we are inviting you to come!

We are looking for participants from different areas, for example composers, musicians, music teachers or music institutions. This year’s conference is the start of a three-year plan with focus on young people and contemporary music, decided by the Council of Nordic composers.

The conference is free of charge and participants will be selected on a first come, first served basis.

Alongside the conference program the participants are welcome to attend the rest of the festival program – including several chamber music concerts and electronic concerts, plus additional workshops and seminars. For information on the festival program:

Your name
E.g. composer, musician, music teacher, etc.
Country of residence or origin.
A number where we can reach you. We will mainly communicate via e-mail.

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