40th edition of The International Composition Contest Valentino Bucch


The Valentino Bucchi Foundation
in collaboration with
Accademia Filarmonica Romana
Edizioni Musicali Rai Com

Announce the 40th edition of The International Composition Contest Valentino Bucchi Prize


The Valentino Bucchi prize is now in its 40th year continuing the cultural and artistic policy that has been its primary characteristic from the very beginnings. Its purpose has always been aimed at the promotion of young talent and individual creativity in the area of pure research, experimentation and complex (serious) music. The Valentino Bucchi Foundation remains faithful to these original goals, sponsoring the creation of new musical works deeply involved with our times but conceived in purely artistic terms. Furthermore, these works are to be completely extraneous to any tendencies deriving from commercial purposes or mere sound track commentary. Young composers today are asked to find their way along a difficult path crowded with obstacles and quite lacking both in the assured certainty provided by sticking to the fashions of the day and in the ease of re-proposing well known and widely shared expressive forms. The composer's unique compositional trajectory towards the maturity of a personal and autonomous expressive language is to be related to a free interpretation of a poetic text associated in a wide and comprehensive manner with the theme of civil responsibility. This theme was particularly important to the composer and profoundly cultured man, Valentino Bucchi, during the entire course of his artistic career conducted constantly with respect to the highest values. A theme, civil responsibility, which in today's social context seems more and more an uncomfortable topic, a swimming against the tide and simply unfashionable; but exactly for these reasons absolutely necessary to guarantee a vitally needed perspective of continuity and cultural commitment.

Rules for the Competition

Article 1. (Contestants)

a) The Contest is open to composers from all countries born after 1st January 1980; b) Winners of the first Prize in previous editions of the Valentino Bucchi Prize may not enter the competition

Article 2. (How to Apply)

To participate in the competition, contestants must send two works, freely chosen among their original scores, by February 28, 2019 to: Secretariat of International Contests Valentino Bucchi Foundation Via Ubaldino Peruzzi, 20 - 00139 Rome – Italy a) The submitted compositions may be published or unpublished, already performed or never performed in public; b) Two hard copies for each score are required and on all of them, the following informations need to be included: full name of the competitor, date and place of birth, nationality, title, form and duration of the composition. c) A copy in pdf format of the score with the same indications as above to be sent to this email bucchi@premiobucchi.it d) The application for the participation in the competition must be done following all the instructions described in the attached registration form complemented by the Privacy Policy.

Article 3. (Selection Process)
The competition is divided into two phases:

a) First Stage (selection of finalists) The international jury, evaluating the works received, will select from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 7 composers to be admitted to the second stage of the Competition.
b) Second Stage (Final Concert)
1. Candidates admitted to the final concert will be invited to write an original composition for female voice and instrumental ensemble, with a duration between seven and nine minutes.
2. The Civil Commitment, in the broadest sense, will be the main theme of the lyrics that will be chosen by the Valentino Bucchi Foundation;
3. The assignment of the different lyrics to the finalist composers will be determined by a draw to be made at the headquarters of the Foundation;
4. The available instruments for the instrumental ensemble will be communicated to the finalists on the same day of the draw for the assignement of the lyrics;
5. The selection of finalists, the assignement of the lyrics and the communication of the instrumental ensemble will take place no later than March 31, 2019;
6. The scores with its separate parts must reach the secretariat of the competition by August 31, 2019. Three hard copies of the scores are required besides a copy in PDF by following the same procedures indicated in the article 2. of this announcement.
7. The works produced will be performed in a public concert in the presence of the international jury;
8. This final Concert is scheduled for November as part of the artistic season 2019/20 of the Accademia Filarmonica Romana and will be held at Sala Casella, via Flaminia 118, in Rome;
9. The interpretation of the scores will be entrusted to the Ensemble IMAGO SONORA;
10. After the concert the jury will determine the winning work.
11. The concert will be recorded.

Article 4. (Valentino Bucchi Prize)

a) The Competition provides for the assignment of the unique and indivisibile Valentino Bucchi Prize;
b) The Author of the winning entry for the Valentino Bucchi Prize will receive a study expenses bursary of euro 4,000, the publication of the winning work by Rai Com Editions and will be involved in a future concert as part of the artistic activities of the Accademia Filarmonica Romana; c) The Jury may assign special mentions to finalist candidates who did not win the prize awarded.

Article 5. (Jury of the Competition)

a) The names of the Members of the International jury will be announced by March 31, 2019;
b) The International Jury will appoint at its own President, who will perform all the functions necessary to guide the evaluation;
c) The decisions taken by the International Jury will be final;
d) The International Jury will retain the right not to award prizes set forth by Article 4. of these rules.

Article 6. (Amendments to the Rules of Procedure) The management award organization reserves the right to make any changes to the present rules necessary for reasons of force.

Article 7. (Fee) All participants must pay a registration fee of 80 Euros by bank transfer to: IT 70 Y 02008 05028 000101604283 Valentino Bucchi Foundation BIC/ SWIFT: UNCRITM1B96

Article 8. (Accettazione delle norme del regolamento) The application for participation in the Contest implies acceptance of all the rules hereby listed and the correct completion of the Registration Form.

Article 9. (Foro competente) a) In case of dispute, the only legally valid text will be held to be the contest rules written in the Italian language; b) Any dispute shall be referred to the Court of Rome.